September 10, 2022
Jaded and The American Idiots
Time: 7pm
Venue: Buddha LIVE
Address: 12701 McGregor Blvd.
Zipcode: 33919
State: FL
Jaded and The American Idiots- Aerosmith and Green Day Tributes
Saturday, September 10th!
JADED is a 5-star tribute to Aerosmith, one of America’s greatest and most iconic rock bands of all time- an ALL LIVE BAND that accurately represents exactly what you would witness if the “Bad Boys from Boston” had visited your town tonight. Jaded tributes all 51 years of the band discography- every song exactly as you remember them, or as you heard then, recently on radio, or in a playlist. The look, the feel, and most importantly, THE SOUND. This IS Aerosmith, the greatest American Rock and Roll band, MTV icon, and 2001 R & R Hall of Famers – and JADED is the ultimate tribute to them.
THE AMERICAN IDIOTS are the world’s number 1 Green Day Tribute, performing the ultimate Green Day experience! With a hit music library that boasts some of rock radio’s most played songs, The American Idiots can entertain Green Day fans on all levels.
$5 pre-sale, $10 general admission
Doors open at 7pm. 21+